Cycling clothes for women

Cycling clothes for women

Are there cool cycling clothes for women? I mean, why do I want to look like I'm in the Tour de France!

When it comes to cycling, what you wear can make a big difference in your comfort and how you feel on the road. This is especially true for women, with traditional cycling clothing often designed with men's bodies in mind. However, even traditional cycling clothes designed for women don't help those of us who enjoy relaxed leisure cycling, often on our electric bikes. I don't want to arrive at my destination looking like I'm in a cycle race!

This is why I founded Chic à Vélo, stylish women's cycling clothing with the emphasis on french style and flattering lines.

First and foremost, it's important to wear clothing that is comfortable and breathable. So for my cycling jersey material I've chosen Lyocell, far more flattering than lycra. Lyocell is derived from wood pulp and is a sustainable material. It can wick away sweat and allow air to circulate around your body - even better it's crease resistant. We want a flattering look so our tailoring avoids tight, restrictive cuts that may chafe or cause discomfort while riding.

On top, a lightweight and breathable shirt is ideal. Consider choosing a top with a high neckline to protect your chest from sunburn and wind. Both our long sleeve cycling jersey and short sleeve cycling top have higher rear collars and longer tailoring around the bottom so your neck is protected from the sun and your lower back doesn't gap between your top and trousers.

Our cycling clothes for women concentrate as much on how the clothes look like on the restaurant terrace when your bike is nowhere in sight!

For the lower body, many women prefer to wear padded cycling shorts or leggings. We're in the process of designing our very own padded knickers, but already our cotton/elastine cycling shorts and cycling trousers are tailored to provide extra room for wearing those padded knickers underneath.

In terms of footwear, it's important to wear shoes that are comfortable and secure on the pedals. Many women prefer to wear sneakers or athletic shoes with a firm sole, as these provide good support and grip while pedaling. Our clothes look great with this look.

Overall, we believe women's cycling apparel should be comfortable, breathable, and elegant - we don't want to look like a sports cyclist. Choose Chic à Vélo cycling clothes for a confident and stylish ride!

My women's cycling clothes are inspired by my love of cycling in France and years of providing cycling holidays to women who like me, couldn't find something stylish to wear - so thank you!

Alison Shawcroft, Founder - Chic à Vélo
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