Lyocell Activewear - The perfect choice for cycling apparel!

Lyocell Activewear - The perfect choice for cycling apparel!

Lyocell is amazing!  Have you heard of it? Let us explain how at Chic à Vélo it enables us to create beautiful and sustainable Lyocell activewear cycling jerseys.

Lyocell is a fabric derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp and its production process recycles water and solvents, reducing environmental impact significantly. This made it an ideal choice for our business, where we one of our priorities was to produce sustainable fashion.

For a relaxed cycling jersey, one of the standout features of Lyocell is its softness and luxurious feel. Compared to Lycra its smooth texture is gentle on the skin, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Even better, Lyocell is highly breathable, making it an excellent option for cycling jerseys. Whether it's a warm summer day or a cooler evening, Lyocell regulates body temperature, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day.

It’s a tough fabric too and offers low-maintenance.  Our Lyocell activewear is resistant to wrinkles, doesn’t have to be ironed and given its breathable properties, it stays odour free.  Say it quietly, but you can wash it less! This makes it ideal for activewear as you can pack it in your bag and still look crease free when you pull it out.

Being tough and durable Lyocell activewear it will last more than one season, so investing in our cycling jerseys, you are making a sustainable choice.

In our first capsule collection we have developed two luxury cycling tops from Lyocell with a stylish French feel . Wear them enjoying your sporting activity and they'll look great in the cafe afterwards!

Our Lyocell jerseys are manufactured in Europe in a factory adhering to ethical fashion standards, so you are purchasing a beautiful, ecological and ethical product. We deliver to the USA, Canada, throughout Europe and to Australia and New Zealand. We hope you love wearing Lyocell!

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