Stylish women's cycling apparel

Stylish Women's Cycling Clothing

Where can you find stylish women's cycling clothing ?

Our mission at Chic à Vélo is to create a beautiful range of stylish women's cycling clothing. With our clothing you will look as great and feminine off a bike as you do on one!

For many of us a bike ride is just part of a larger journey. Why can't we look as great in the coffee shop as we do while cycling to it?

I'm sure, like me, you've searched for women's cycling clothing and you have found the same body hugging lycra styles, marketed to a small proportion of women who cycle.

Where are the cycling clothes for women with fuller figures?

Where is the chic cycling apparel for a trip to the coffee shop to catch up with friends?

Where are the feminine styles and colours for ladies who love to cycle but not in lycra?

Chic à Vélo - First collection now available

Here at Chic à Vélo we've worked with clothing designers and manufacturers across Europe to bring you something perfectly matched for your relaxed cycling adventures - so chic you'll wear our clothes even if you're not cycling!

Our first collection of women's cycling apparel is here and with luck, plenty of hard work and your support, we aim to bring many more of our ideas to life in the future.

Chic à Vélo's women's cycling clothing is sold exclusively through our website with global delivery throughout the world.

Our inspiration? Our background in providing relaxed and social cycling holidays at Loire Life Cycling and my own cycling experiences.

By creating stylish women's cycling clothing, I hope to encourage more women into cycling, by looking good and feeling comfortable on a bike. Cycling shouldn't be intimidating, but a fun activity that becomes a part of a bigger adventure!

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